I am a Lead Product Designer at Collective Health. Formerly at IDEO, Designit, and Cooper. I regularly tweet my favourite longreads, and occasionally create mixtapes with my best friend. You can find my resume here.

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Co-founder, so basically everything but the code

Shortcase is a knowledge sharing platform for creative agencies. It is the answer to two very common questions at project-driven companies. 1. Where is that template, deck, font, photo, etc? 2. Where can I find a relevant case study for this proposal? Shortcase has grown from a fun side project to this profitable company that I love. You can play with a demo here.



Interaction design

Tasked with designing a complete HMI for an electric car, we tackled range anxiety by always relating battery charge to the driver's itinerary and ability to get home. Speed, consumption, regeneration and coasting are all integrated into a single dial.

Lidia Lidia Lidia


Service / Interaction / Visual Design

Lidia is a multi-platform payment service I designed for Telefonica. Consumers can use Lidia to transfer money, retail stores can use it for loyalty programs, and e-commerce shops can use Lidia to accept payments online.

Once the entire service was designed, our client requested a working prototype of the iPhone app, along with additional functionality such as targeted offers and a ticket passbook. I worked closely with the developers to build the final prototype.



Interaction / Visual Design

I lead and executed a long overdue redesign of the national My Vodafone app. The project went through three fases: Quick Wins, Concept Vision, and a completed app that we designed and launched after a round of usability testing and iteration. Today, the app receives over 8 million visits per month. You can read the case study here.

4120 Productions 4120 Productions 4120 Productions


Research / Service / Interaction / Visual Design

This ambitious service design project aimed to transform an insurance company into becoming 100% online. Together with the client, we mapped the entire customer journey and identified points of conversion: opportunities to redirect customers from the call-center to the self-service area online. I then designed a responsive web app for filing claims and tracking their progress online. Additionally, I proposed a responsive redesign of the client area.

Today, 25% of Verti's car insurance claims are already being self-serviced online.



Research / Interaction / Visual Design

For my Master degree project at Wacom, I researched digital music makers and designed a music sketching application for amateurs. Wacom liked my concept so much they asked me to develop a desktop version too. Watch the demo above.